Highly bureaucratic, overcrowded burrowers.

Prefer Barren planets.

Lithic Metabolism

+    Good Population 125%

++    Ultimate Supply: +3

Cannot Produce Ships

Cannot Colonize Planets

Preferred Focus: Protection

  • Environment Preferences:
  • Swamp : Hostile
  • Toxic : Hostile
  • Inferno : Poor
  • Radiated : Adequate
  • Barren : Good
  • Tundra : Adequate
  • Desert : Poor
  • Terran : Hostile
  • Ocean : Hostile
  • Asteroids : Uninhabitable
  • Gas Giant : Uninhabitable


The Volp-Uglush are an asexual species approximately 300 meters in length that live in tunnels on their homeworld. They subsist on silicates and have a vast number of short arm/mouth parts on the front of their thick cylindrical bodies that they use for manipulation/tunneling/eating and for sending messages through their tunnel network. In early historical times there were several different strains of Volp-Uglush but they were in constant conflict. Groups that successfully organized themselves were the best competers for resources, and as they moved from industrial to information age, one strain became dominant, and the remainder died out. The remaining strain began to optimize their homeworld for most efficient use of resources. They became incredibly adept at recognizing resource needs, as well as how societal structures affected individual behavior. The Volp-Uglush society almost acts as a single organism, because society has been adapted to run so smoothly. However, this has led to a critical loss of independent function. While Volp-Uglush society is incredibly efficient, it would take individual Volp-Uglushs hundreds, if not thousands of years to be able to successfully develop a new independent society.

They are very effective at directing merchant fleets, and make excellent bureaucrats for creating changes in societies. While they have an incredibly efficient war machine, and are capable of individually taking on various large battle engines, the chaos of combat is not their most effective environment.


Hive is a large Barren world that is ~2 times bigger than its mass and material would suggest as all of it but a small metal core has been converted through tunneling and building into the Vast tunnel network of the Volp-Uglush bureaucracy.

Reason for Staying:

Volp-Uglush are now too integrated and ingrown. They now totally lack the independence and innovation needed to leave Hive and start a new colony.