This mighty flagship is essentially a miniature sun, and as such is a great source of both Fuel and visibility. All accompanying friendly ships completely recover fuel between combat, and all enemy ships in the vicinity receive a penalty to Stealth. This hull has 16 external slots, 4 internal slots and a core slot—a greater internal capacity than any other hull.

Structure is high, Stealth is very low, Detection Range is medium and Speed is very high. However, this ship has the ability to enter a star and hide, giving it perfect Stealth on the galaxy map when it is in a system with a star of type other than Black Hole or Neutron, and in combat, when it is hiding inside such a star.

This ship requires a tremendous amount of energy to construct and must harness energy from particle-antiparticle collisions on the event horizon of a Black Hole in its formation. It can only be built at a location with a Basic Shipyard, an Energy Compressor and a Solar Containment Unit.

Speed: 120 Fuel: 5 Structure: 100

Unlocked By Techs:

Solar Containment