Friendly overlooked gasbags.

Greatly prefer Gas Giants.

Gaseous Metabolism

++    Great Stockpile: +0.2 per population

−     Schlechte Forschung: 75%

−−    Very Bad Supply: -1

++    Hervorragende BodenTruppe: 200%.

−    Bad Offensive Ground Troops: 50%

−    Bad Pilots: Base damage per ship weapon reduced by one level.

+    Gute Aufklärungsreichweite: +25 Bonus.

++    Hervorragende Tarnung: +40 Bonus.

−    Narrow Planet Tolerance: flourishes on fewer types.

+     Live on Gas Giants

+    Refuel on Gas Giants 0.1

Can Produce Ships

Can Colonize Planets

Preferred Focus: Industry

  • Environment Preferences:
  • Swamp : Hostile
  • Toxic : Hostile
  • Inferno : Hostile
  • Radiated : Hostile
  • Barren : Hostile
  • Tundra : Hostile
  • Desert : Hostile
  • Terran : Hostile
  • Ocean : Hostile
  • Asteroids : Uninhabitable
  • Gas Giant : Good


The Sly live in gas giants. The gas giants are so foreign to most species in the universe that, for most of their history, they have been overlooked. Not being able to build devices, they couldn't leave their homeworld. Recently, they were able to obtain necessary equipment and technology for spacefaring from traders in exchange for their knowledge of history. On the right diet Sly excrete refined fuel. When in system with a gas giant, a Sly-crewed ship will regenerate fuel.

Social Structure:

The Sly are very long-lived and keep the songs alive in which the whole cultural knowledge is encoded. They are very open and curious towards the galaxy and the other species they are now finally able to encounter.