Scattered Asteroid Hull
Scattered asteroid hull small
Basic Details
Structure 260
Starlane Speed 60
Fuel Capacity 4
Detection Range 25
Stealth 1
Internal Slots 15
External Slots 4
Cost 50 PP
Build Time 15 turns
Required Buildings Basic Shipyard

Asteroid Processor Asteroid Reformation Processor

Unlocked By Techs Scattered Asteroid Hull
Special Properties
Stealth Bonus 40 when in Asteroid Belt
Shield Bonus 5 to all friendly ships

Scattered Asteroid Hull is constructed of several large asteroids, some of which have been combined to form the main hull, and some of which have been broken apart to form numerous tiny asteroids. Theese asteroids protect not only the main ship, but every accompanying friendly ship.

It is a long time to produce a ship using this hull: only Solar Hull has longer build time, and two other hulls (Sentient Hull and Logistics Facilitator ) have the same build time of 15 turns. It also costs 50 PP to build, which is the highest cost among Asteroid-themed hulls. This is the only hull capable of giving other ships shield bonus.