Basic Details
Name Laenfa
Learning Details
Research - Bad
Growth Details
Colonises Yes
Diet Phototrophic
Population + Good
Home Planet Type Ocean
Home Planet Size Large
Planet Range Average
Production Details
Industry Average
Construction Details
Industry Average
Defence Details
Ground Troops - Bad
Planetary Shields Average
Planetary Defence Average
Ship Details
Produces Ships Yes
Special Ships Yes
Spy Details
Detection ++ Great
Stealth ++ Great

Sneaky, telepathic, sentient vines.

The Laenfa are long and vine-like, able to attach and detach into any number of larger or smaller vines at will. Each leaf has its own consciousness, separate from the others and has direct control over the small length of vine which it is attached. Laenfa have high underwater mobility and reasonable ground mobility, as they are able to swim and slither like a serpent. The increased effectiveness of attached Laenfa's telepathic communication allows them to synchronize the motions of a single vine for more effective transportation.

The laenfa have a unified culture due to their telepathy, but as their ability to communicate telepathically weakens with distance, there is a large central vine that decides on most important decisions. This vine carries out its debates in secret, but takes into account the voices of all Laenfa they are able to detect. The Laenfa carry out their duties with hive-like efficiency with each individual working for the collective goal of gaining knowledge of other species and protecting knowledge of themselves.