Radiation-absorbing, prickly, unhurried experimenters.
Prefer Radiated planets.
Phototrophic Metabolism

++    Hervorragende Forschung: 200%
−    Schlechte Tarnung: −20 Malus.

+    Good Asteroid Miners: + 0.2 Industry per population when Industry Focused in systems with owned asteroid belts.

Kann Schiffe produzieren
Kann Planeten kolonisieren

Bevorzugter Fokus: Forschung

Environment Präferenzen:
Sumpfig : Feindlich
Toxisch : Armseelig
Vulkanisch : Adäquat
Verstrahlt : Gut
Unfruchtbar : Adäquat
Tundra : Armseelig
Wüstenhaft : Feindlich
Erdähnlich : Feindlich
Ozeanisch : Feindlich

Asteroiden : Unbewohnbar
Gasriese : Unbewohnbar

The Kilandow have four limbs ending in several claws. Walking upright on the two short ones, they measure a little more than 1 m in height. Their head, a three eyed beak, is used like a pickaxe to pick rocks in the hope of finding rare metals and noble earths, which they knead into a paste. After applying the paste to their spiny backs, the Kilandow search for a spot with high radiation of UV and gamma-rays to absorb the charged molecules. Statuelike a Kilandow can cower in one spot for hours or even days after which it is fully charged. Because they feed on radiation their bodies also emit abnormally large amounts of radiation, which makes them easy to detect, but also dangerous for other species to come into contact with.
Kilandow are very patient and love to conduct chemical and physical experiments. Because of their long lifespan they have no problem with some of their experiments to take hundreds of years to finish. Another important activity for them is mining, especially on Asteroids, because for them it's researching, treasure hunting and finding food at the same time.

Social Structure:
Based on documents found in Ancient Ruins the Kilandow were democratic and law-abiding, but cared much more for experiments than their society.

Reason for Extinction:
The reasons are believed to be their peaceful nature and their low reproduction rate.