Description: Humans are bipedal, clannish and omnivorous, with incredible endurance capabilities. Humans evolved tool use in order to better hunt their prey, and would pursue much larger animals for days if necessary in order to bring it down and then eat it. Modern humans still have a strong fight or flight response but any threat an individual cannot handle will be met by a larger group working together to defeat it with overwhelming force. Humans have been known to eat items they know to be indigestible, simply to prove they can do it, and use toxic substances as seasoning to flavour their food.

Society: Modern humans have formed geographic nation states with a strong basis in historic tribes. These states compete with each other, sometimes to the extent of going to war, while still cooperating on other issues. Differences over religion, resource use and even the correct way to cook a particular meal are still used to justify aggressive acts, and these wars act as spurs for further technological progress.