Basic Details
Name Exobot
Learning Details
Research - Bad
Growth Details
Colonises Yes
Diet Robotic
Population Average
Home Planet Type Barren
Planet Range Special (see article)
Production Details
Industry Average
Construction Details
Industry Average
Defence Details
Ground Troops - Bad
Planetary Shields Average
Planetary Defence Average
Ship Details
Produces Ships Yes
Special Ships Yes
Ship Weapons Average
Spy Details
Detection Average
Stealth Average

Semi-autonomous robots, designed for industry on Barren, Radiated, & Inferno planets.

Exobots are not as efficient as fully automatic biological citizens, however they are still capable of working on inhospitable worlds and constructing more Exobots.

Planetary Environment RangeEdit

Type Tolerance
Swamp Hostile
Toxic Hostile
Inferno Adequate
Radiated Adequate
Barren Adequate
Tundra Poor
Desert Hostile
Terran Hostile
Ocean Hostile
Asteroids Poor
Gas Giant Uninhabitable