The EAXAW, or Evil amazonian xenophobic aggressive worms, are a FreeOrion species.

Prefer Terran planets.

The Eaxaw have 3 body forms. First is the newborn larval form, then the male form and lastly the adult female form. All forms are completely blind and use touch, smell, hearing and a sense for electric currents to explore their world. The female form is a segmented worm approximately 8 meters long. At the front is a three-beaked mouth that is used to dig extensive tunnel systems. The neural network of the female is distributed along chains of neural nodes that run the length of the body. Most of the rest of the body is musculature and the armored outer body segments provide support. These outer segments have a small overlap much like scales, under which larvae are grown. Eaxaw in their male form are much smaller and rather dim witted. At the end of their tail is a complex grasping claw that comes in very specialized varieties.

Social Structure:

Eaxaw are organized into matriarchal breeding groups. A female keeps a "harem" of approximately 200 males which protect, feed and mate with her. Any new males that the female births are added to the harem but are frequently traded with other females like a currency. This ensures genetic diversity and promotes a wide variety of males to perform specialized tasks. The highest ranking females (having the largest and most diverse Harems) form the Great Matriarchal Council which sets the global agenda for the Eaxaw.


A long time ago a derelict ship of the Precursors crashed on the Eaxaw homeworld. As the Eaxaw learned some of the ship's secrets they deduced that there were other intelligent species. Their great matriarchal council soon issued its greatest proclamation: "All of this must go!"