Dnalgne are an animal-like species that look very similar to a lion except they stand on two legs and speak many languages. They are masters of telepathy and can control most other species by planting thoughts in their head. Their home planet is earth-like without an atmosphere.This absence of an atmosphere on their home planet make the Dnalgne a formidable species that can survive in the open vacuum of space.

Male Dnalgne's produce a gas hormone from their skin to attract a mate. This gas hormone is called 'Slayor' and it has an odor that is offensive to most organic life in this universe. The only species that can tolerate the smell of Slayor are marine mammals because the odor doesn't move through water. The Slayor of a male Dnalgne is incredibly powerful. Not only does it attract a female Dnalgne to breed with across the vastness of space, it also turns all other species (except fish) into a temporary zombie. The Slayor gas parallelizes any living creature it comes into contact with and it creates a psychic link with the source Dnalgne. When the Dnalgne is looking for a mate, it's Slayor will take psychic mind-control of 1000's of species and bring them all together in open space. Using it's mind, the Dnalgne will merge all of these species into a giant ball. Most creatures that have been captured and controlled by the Dnalgne and it's Slayor will die in the vacuum of space. The bigger the ball of zombies, the more females he will attract. An average male Dnalgne will breed with 300 females at one time and produce just one offspring.

A male Dnalgne is enormous. It's lion-like head has a circumference of 2 miles. It's sheer size means it must live in open space. A male Dnalgne can travel vast distances in a very short space of time. They are often called planet hoppers because of their ability to move from one planet to the nest in the blink of an eye.

A female Dnalgne is quite the opposite. They look the same but I female doesn't speak and it walks on four legs. Most female Dnalgne exist on planet Earth and they have a unique ability to breed among themselves to produce more females for the dominant males. On planet Earth, it is believed that lions are just lions and they breed and produce more lions. However, ALL lions on Planet Earth are female. They are a sub-species of females that are able to reproduce more females.

Mating between a male Dnalgne and a female only happens every 600,000 years as this is the lifespan of an interstellar male Dnalgne. When mating time arrives, the lions on earth will suddenly float off into the sky. Humans have never seen this before. Infact, humans have never seen a male Dnalgne before.