Pacifistic, bioengineering, pain-ridden, floating plant/virus synthesis.
Prefer Toxic planets.
Organic Metabolism, Telepathy

−−−    No Offensive Ground Troops
−    Bad Pilots: Base damage per ship weapon reduced by one level.

Kann Schiffe produzieren
Kann Planeten kolonisieren

Bevorzugter Fokus: Forschung

Environment Präferenzen:
Sumpfig : Adäquat
Toxisch : Gut
Vulkanisch : Adäquat
Verstrahlt : Armseelig
Unfruchtbar : Feindlich
Tundra : Feindlich
Wüstenhaft : Feindlich
Erdähnlich : Feindlich
Ozeanisch : Armseelig

Asteroiden : Unbewohnbar
Gasriese : Unbewohnbar

The Derthrean consciousness represents a half parasitic, half symbiotic relationship of viruses living in the bodies of plants. The virus has no intelligence and without the virus, the plant is but an empty shell yet together, their neural synapses are compatible and form a reasonable being. Although the virus brings awareness to the plant, the virus is also toxic to its nervous system, inflicting great amounts of pain, slowly destroying the plant as the virus spawns and in the end, killing it. This means that the greater the intelligence of a Derthrean, the more pain he endures.

Social Structure:
The Derthrean are a sharply divided race, split by the legacy of their forebears into castes. They are born into a caste, they mate in their caste, and they die as a member of a caste. Because the breeding has been so isolated throughout the millennia, there are even physical varieties in different castes. The castes are divided as follows: the most benevolent Priest caste, the Worker caste, the Grower caste, the Provider caste, the Scholar caste and the most despised of all, the Warrior caste. Religion plays a fundamental role in their society. Each Derthrean is a pacifist and lives to please their Goddess, in hopes of relieving the terrible burden of pain and earning forgiveness for the betrayal and bloodlust of their ancestors.