Sessile crystalline entities which ride the animal Gormoshk.

Prefer Toxic planets.

Phototrophic Metabolism

++    Great Research: 200%

−    Bad Defensive Ground Troops: 50%

−    Bad Offensive Ground Troops: 50%

++    Broad Planet Tolerance: can tolerate more types.

Can Produce Ships

Can Colonize Planets

Preferred Focus: Research

Environment Preferences:

  • Swamp : Adequate
  • Toxic : Good
  • Inferno : Adequate
  • Radiated : Poor
  • Barren : Poor
  • Tundra : Hostile
  • Desert : Hostile
  • Terran : Poor
  • Ocean : Poor
  • Asteroids : Uninhabitable
  • Gas Giant : Uninhabitable


The Chato'matou'Gormoshk are actually two species together, however it is not entirely clear if the connection between the species should be called symbiosis or parasitism. The master species are the Chato'matou, crystalline life forms about 30 centimeters in height and 10 centimeters in width. Their color ranges from a light blue to a deep crimson. They get the energy they need to live from the sun or in exceptional cases from the Gormoshk they are attached to. The Gormoshk are predatory animals formerly living in underground caverns. Their bodies are flat and round and rest on five insect-like legs. The Chato'matou attach themselves to the flat part on top of the Gormoshk's bodies, directly above the brain. Through a crystalline outgrowth they can control the Gormoshk completely.

Social Structure:

In Chato'matou society, age is the most important factor as they are nearly immortal. Every command the elders issue is obeyed at once and to disobey an elder is the greatest crime in Chato'matou society. They developed a system to transmit signals without delay throughout an entire colony, enabling them to converse with near the speed of light. This greatly enhanced the species mental capabilities, as all new ideas and theories could be instantly processed throughout the colony. The Gormoshk are valued as mounts and well cared for under normal circumstances, however they are also seen mostly as animals.