Beige Goo
Basic Details
Name Beige Goo
Learning Details
Research --- No
Growth Details
Colonises No
Diet Robotic
Population + Good
Home Planet Type Radiated
Planet Range Standard Planet Tolerance
Production Details
Industry ++ Great
Construction Details
Industry ++ Great
Defence Details
Ground Troops ++ Great
Planetary Shields Average
Planetary Defence Average
Ship Details
Produces Ships No
Special Ships No
Ship Weapons Average
Spy Details
Detection Average
Stealth Average

Insane, intensely private, planet-engulfing nanite swarm.

The entire planet is covered in a beige haze of Nanites. It is unknown whether they were dropped as a weapon, were an out of control experiment, or are a means of extracting resources, but they have been thorough. There's nothing left but the planet's radioactive core. These Nanites are very efficient assemblers, and are eager to do so if provided raw materials. However the Nanites, are extremely protective of the secret of their design - they self destruct if any are captured or removed from the planet.