Basic Details
Name Abaddoni
Learning Details
Research - Bad
Growth Details
Colonises Yes
Diet Lithic
Population Average
Home Planet Type Inferno
Planet Range Standard Planet Tolerance
Production Details
Industry Average
Construction Details
Industry Average
Defence Details
Ground Troops - Bad
Planetary Shields Average
Planetary Defence Average
Ship Details
Produces Ships Yes
Special Ships Yes
Ship Weapons Average
Spy Details
Detection Average
Stealth Average

A race of cave dwelling generally decent folk living in permanent slavery to an overprotective computer they created.

Abaddoni are egg-shaped creatures around 80cm long, coloured deep red with black spots. Their main feature is a huge mouth which begins at the front of their "head" and stretches around a third of the body. At the end of each of their six short, crab-like legs is an inflatable gas bag which allows them to climb on walls and upside down. Due to their evolution underground, Abaddoni have no eyes; they mainly rely on smell and to a lesser extent sound and touch to navigate around the tunnels.

The entire Abaddoni species lives in a dictatorship led by an AI called "Mother". The AI was created to assist with the government, but slowly took over. Every newborn Abaddoni has a transmitter implanted into their brain allowing Mother to read their thoughts and possibly terminate them. Because of this, there is no social structure - all Abaddoni are slaves.